When I learned about crypto currency and blockchain I started to build tools to help identify trading signals. I devoted time to learn as much as possible about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and trading financial instruments using software. This lead me to creating a crypto trading signal bot.

The initial challenge was to find where to source the information for each cryptocurrency across multiple exchanges. There were about 150 coins in the bot that needed to be scanned and analyzed. A found a python package that would allow my to source the information I needed for coins and feed me some select trading metrics on each coin. I used containers to concurrently source information at regular short intervals.

After sourcing the necessary information, the bot analyzes the state of each coin and determines whether there is a buy or sell signal. The result was that the bot can deliver crucial information to traders at even in low timeframes. Both day traders and swing traders use this to help inform their trades and focus on fewer coins that are ripe for trading rather than having to analyze the entire market.

The bot is augmented with a community in Telegram that invites traders to chat about trading, view analysis on various coins by in-house experts, and use the bot signals. The entire infrastructure was serverless which allows us to provide a low cost, high impact technology to traders that are making time critical high-risk financial decisions.